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Adi Erez

Co-Founder, Law Degree (LL.B)

Oren Farhi

Co-Founder, Senior Software Engineer & Front End Architect
Author of Reactive Programming With Angular & NgRx

Who YOU Are

ELL Students & their parents

Kindergarten through 5th graders that recently relocated to the United States or another English speaking country, or are about to relocate and need to learn, speak and practice English

Kids Learning To Read English

Children from pre-Kindergarten to 2nd grade who are learning to master reading out loud. ReadM is the most effective solution to motivate, teach and practice

Authors & Content Creators

ReadM is a platform for those seeking to publish books. It allows their content to be tested and their books to be read by children and adults that are using our platform. What’s more, they can team up with graphic designers to create the best experience possible.

Schools, Teachers & Educators

ReadM is an educational application and platform for practicing reading in a fun, creative way. Get real-time statistics and reports analyzing your progress and store your momentum. ReadM is also a platform for content publishing, allowing students to create and publish their own creations.


ReadM is an advertising platform for any business seeking to gain exposure and market share of the immense educational marketplace.

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English Learners

You are an individual who wants to practice English Speaking, English Accent, Fluency and interested in building Confidence

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What is ReadM?

ReadM is a realtime reading feedback app, running on the Chrome Browser (Android, Chromebook, Mac or PC). It provides real time feedback to readers using speech recognition, while creating a positive and fun experience. It offers books to practice English. ReadM allows readers, their parents and teachers the ability to monitor and track their progress in real time as well as over time.

Practice Reading

Focus on reading aloud while receiving real time feedback.

Practice Reading

A Platform For Creators

Motivate creativity in writing books, dialogs and articles while reaching your target audience.

A Platform For Creators

Reports & Statistics

Provides statistics and reports on the reader's progress, including time, success, strengths and weaknesses.

Reports & Statistics

Immersive Experience

With various types of graphics, the reader has an immersive experience.

Immersive Experience

Personal Customisation

Personal preferences allows each user to customize colors, background and avatars, allowing the reader to tailor make the app towards his or her personal tastes and likes.

Personal Customisation

And Much More...

Mobile & tablet support, Offline support (coming soon), more Languages, ESL (English as A Second Language) fit. Promotes financial education, social skills

And Much More...


ReadM's approach is based on academic research conclusions - Practicing to read and speak a language helps one’s understanding and ability to acclimate in a new, foreign language. Reading aloud develops adaptive expertise.

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